2-Year ITSP Program.

Learn more about GK’s 2-year course that is offering a high-quality Cybersecurity education on most affordable and promising terms.


We would like to share with you our vision, mission and values.


We want to facilitate your endeavors to make the most out of your Cybersecurity career - by providing the best online education we can.

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why choose us?

What makes GK different from other schools and why you should forget about other options and start your Cybersecurity education with us.

"Your success is our motivation."

our mission

We are well aware that our world is full of great potential Cybersecurity specialists that can be stuck in their career due to lack of finance or knowledge. Since the regular Cybersecurity programs are not affordable for an average person and sometimes overpriced, it might be hard for some people to achieve their desired career level.


In GK, we strongly believe that any person can and should receive knowledge about Cybersecurity. We provide this amazing opportunity to the broadest range of people. GK is erasing the borders between aspiring Cybersecurity practitioners with their busy or demanding lives and affordable quality IT security education.


We provide our prospective students a modern, relevant and valuable certifying program that would help them to advance their careers.

we share your values

Online learning can be confusing and we, here at GK, are doing our best to make this study system flawless and efficient for our students.


We value your time and would like you to spend it effectively, allowing you to study at your own pace at any time and place. All you need is an internet connection and a device that allows you to watch videos online.


We value your experience and would not ask you to go over the material you already know - you can immediately start examination on this subject to save your time.


We value your feedback and we are always looking for improvements you can suggest.

our difference

  • We promote professional and personal development, suitable for every student’s individual needs.


  • We are well-aware that most individuals can't afford getting a Cybersecurity program because of expensive costs of a credit hour. We did our best to develop a program that would allow us to reduce the price, and make the most affordable Cybersecurity program ever!


  • We don't require any professional experience, because we believe that a smart person can easily adapt in the Cybersecurity scene with knowledge received from Cybersecurity experts.


  • Our online learning program is as flexible as possible – you can study anytime and anywhere. All you need is an internet connection and any device (computer, tablet or mobile phone)


  • No deadlines. You are not attached to any group, so you can study at your own pace, and finish your course in 3-5 months or in 2 years, whichever suits you more, and the price is fixed for number of courses you take for the Cybersecurity program and doesn't change depending on long or short-term studies.


  • We prepare our Cybersecurity students as best as possible for a successful career – whether it’s in their home country or international market.


  • We integrate numerous Cybersecurity modules in our programs to provide you most up-to-date and recent knowledge from current IT security practices.


  • Our courses are practice-oriented which allows you to apply acquired skills readily.


  • We let you, our students, choose which courses they would like to take and jump from one module to another.

About our programs and tutors

Here at GK we value experience and practical application of all the knowledge you acquire. That's why our 2-year programs are focused on giving you not only theoretical information, but mainly real applicable knowledge in Cybersecurity.


That's why we chose to culminate the best of the best knowledge from Cybersecurity schools around the globe and deliver it to you in an efficient format of video lectures assisted with audio, textbooks, workbooks, etc. We made sure that every Cybersecurity student can find the perfect fit for his/her studies.


Our mentors are experts in the field of Cybersecurity

about globalknowledge

GlobalKnowledge was founded in 2003. Since then, we have been a leading and pioneering training center in Asia. Due to the situation with Covid-19, we have expanded and made chosen GK courses available online.


The main reason for establishing this online training center was to open possibilities that are accessible to everyone. GK is a leading online Cybersecurity school, offering not only the most affordable 2 year programs, but also the one with the most minimal requirements. Our goal is to provide access to a highly esteemed Cybersecurity education to the widest range of IT security enthusiasts from many countries.


We took many steps to make our program as cheap and efficient as possible, so it would be affordable even for people with incomes lower than average, who are interested in improving their financial situation. Having a quality Cybersecurity education can lead to a great career advancement.


We cut all the unnecessary costs to achieve that. We don't participate in rankings and don't buy costly accreditations. Our students' results speak for themselves. We don't have a campus, and our Cybersecurity course is 100% online.


But what is more important, we improve our students’ lives, and that is our most esteemed achievement.

OUR Accreditations

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Program Overview

Know more about GK 2-Year ITSP Program

WHAT is GK 2-year ITSP?

GK 2-Year ITSP Program is designed for people with interests in formally taking Cybersecurity as a course. It is a private training program (not under CHED nor TESDA) with International-certification accreditation. This program include:

6 Trimester Topics Coverage:


1st Trimester

IT Security Fundamentals

Secured Computer User


2nd Trimester

Linux Fundamentals

Linux Security or Security + 101


3rd Trimester

CyberSecurity Associate or Security+ 201

Network Security Fundamentals


4th Trimester

Ethical Hacking 101

Digital Forensics



5th Trimester

CyberSecurity Professional

Penetration Testing


6th Trimester

GKCert Exam - CyberSecurity Novice

GKCert Exam - CyberSecurity Professional

GKCert Exam - CyberSecurity Expert

(NOTE: Some of these subjects may be taken interchangeably. As technology is fast changing, GK may opt to change and replace some courses or certifications over time to better fit the requirements of the industry. No. of units will still be the same. You will be notified of this change, if any.)


Our GK 2-Year ITSP distance learning program is the ideal starting point for the next or even first step on your professional path - a career as a successful Cybersecurity expert. And its international orientation makes you fit for the global security market.

WHAT will I learn?

The 2-Year ONLINE ITSP Program


  • You will broaden your knowledge and technical skills in the Basics of Cybersecurity, Secured Computer User, System and Network Security, Ethical Hacking and Penetration Testing, Digital Forensics, VA and Data Privacy.

  • There is a practice quiz every after each module to test your comprehension. These quizzes are preparing you towards International Certification exams.

  • You will learn how to be confident and raise your level of discipline - needed to succeed in the IT industry.

How much IS THE COST?

FULL 2-Yr Tuition Fee: PHP 75,000 or USD 1,367.

FULL PAYMENT DISCOUNT: Pay only PHP 67,500 (10% Discount, Save PHP 7,500)

Installment Option: PHP 12,500 / semester x 6 semesters

Down Payment: PHP 1,500


GK does not charge students for their educational instruction, course materials or annual enrollment. It does charge modest fees for application processing and the cheapest tuition fee for the whole educational program paid one-time only.

WHAT are the requirements?

We made sure that nearly everyone can obtain the 2-Year ONLINE ITSP Program at our school. Our requirements are listed below:


  • Can understand Filipino and English / Taglish languages

  • Basic education (High School, College or Associates Degree)

  • (optional) Professional education

  • (optional) Professional experience

How to apply?

1. First of all, you need to fill the application form. Choose the courses you would like to take and pay the fee for processing your application.

2. After your application approval you need to decide on payment plan. There are two options:

  • pay tuition fee for the mandatory and optional courses at the same time (for early payment the price for optional courses will be deducted with 10% Discount)

  • pay tuition fee for the mandatory courses at the beginning and decide upon taking extra courses later (you can add extra courses during the whole period of your studies based on regular price each)

3. If you have any questions regarding application process you can ask your personal student advisor or call/txt (63) 916-2921470.

4. The only step left is to make a payment for the course after that you can start your studies at GK immediately or at any convenient time.

How to study online?

1. All of your lessons will be uploaded to LMS. You are free to study them at your comfortable pace.


2. The only limit is maximum duration of course - 2 years. Until this period expires you are free to study at your own pace.


3. You can study courses one-by-one or all at the same time - it depends only on you. During your education process you should provide student reports on monthly basis.


4. For the final examination you will need to prepare a Capstone Project reflecting all the knowledge you received during your studies. 


5. After successfully finishing your examinations you will receive the 2-Year ITSP Program Certificate (equivalent to Diploma) and your Academic Transcript.

Examination and getting a

2-year program certificate

1. For the exams there is no fee, so you are free to begin your examination as soon as you go through the course. For this you need to contact our Student Center to start your examination process. Email secretariat@gkphilippines.com.


2. There is only one final examination at the end of your studies. This means you will be taking only one exam session on all the courses at one time.


3. During your education process you should provide student reports on monthly basis. These will be checked as the first part of your examination. 


4. For the second part of examination you will need to write a Capstone Project (most often, a Cybersecurity-related project portfolio) where you should reflect all the knowledge received.


5. After successful completing of the examination you will be rewarded with e-certificate of your 2-Year ONLINE ITSP Program and academic transcript. If you are willing to receive printed version of these documents you should pay extra Certificate/ Diploma Fee (P2,000), and after that they will be sent to you within couple of weeks with any delivery service of your choice. You may also join (optional) an actual physical graduation program arranged by the school every June or October of every year. A graduation payment of P5,000 will be charged to the graduates for the venue and preparation, graduation pictures, and digital copy of the yearbook. Again, this is optional.


GK is focused on providing educational programs to the widest variety of people as possible. That is why we came up with the following list of requirements.


What we require


  • We DO require proficiency in both English and Filipino / Taglish languages. At the moment, some videos are in Filipino or Taglish while instructions are in English.


  • We DO require basic education. The minimum level of education is High School or Two-Year College or Associates degree.


What we do NOT require


  • We do NOT require any professional experience. Even if you graduated from college yesterday and have no work experience yet, our program is open to you in order to help you get the knowledge in cybersecurity.

WE welcome everyone

Since 2016, we have supported hundreds of Cybersecurity students of various backgrounds and age groups in improving themselves both technically and professionally. Currently, we have students from all over the country and even Filipinos who reside abroad.


We help a lot of students to achieve their dreams even without proper background in Cybersecurity.


Get the most out of GK 2-Year ITSP Program online

How it works?

Our studying courses are completely tailored to you.


You can study comfortably at home with digital learning materials, decide for yourself when and where you want to watch a lecture online and take your exams online on demand 24/7. You can watch a video lecture on your couch at home, listen to a podcast on your way to work or read through an eBook on your iPad during lunch.


But that doesn't mean you will be studying all by yourself. Our online experience allows you to interact with your tutors to get all the support you need.

why study online?

Here are some major benefits of doing your 2-Year ONLINE ITSP:


  • This program has the most affordable tuition, comparing both to traditional programs or other online Cybersecurity programs

  • You do not have to pay for transportation, parking, hard-copy textbooks and living expenses if you were to live on-campus

  • Flexible scheduling, including self-paced curriculum

  • You can begin your studies immediately after Tuition Fee payment or on a date of your choice

  • Mobility: You can complete the program from anywhere in the world and be able to travel (after pandemic).

  • Being able to work and advance your career while studying

  • GK 2-Year ITSP program offers accelerated options where you can complete the entire program in less time, such as 4-6 months, depending on your available time. On the other hand, you can take longer if you wish and complete the degree in two years.

why study at globalknowledge?

  • We’re here for you. You can talk to your professors and tutors directly on email or Google Meet / Zoom. Our coaches and personal assistants also support you on your journey to successful learning.


  • We prepare you for the real world. With current, practical curricula, we prepare you perfectly for the challenges of an artist - to be locally and globally competitive.


  • Why study online? Online studies at GK gives you a chance to advance your career with a high-quality academic degree all at lower costs. Choosing us you save on tuition, profit from lower living expenses, also become able to work alongside your study.


  • We provide you high-quality education at lowest possible cost. We are confident that at our school you will receive the best education for the most affordable price.


  • All you need is a will to study. We are not limiting our students to those who have a proper education and work experience. We are open to everybody who wants to receive knowledge about IT security, cyber defense, ethical hacking, etc.

EDUCATION process at GK

1. All of your lessons will be uploaded to LMS. You are free to study them at your comfortable pace.

2. The only limit is maximum duration of course - 2 years. Until this period expire you are free to study. 

3. You can go through courses one-by-one or all at the same time - it depends only on you. During your education process you should provide student reports on monthly basis.


4. For the final examination you will need to prepare a Capstone Project, reflecting all the knowledge you received during your studies.


5. After successfully finishing your examinations you will receive the 2-Year ONLINE ITSP Certificate (equivalent to a Diploma) and Academic transcript.

receiving the

program certificate

After successfully finishing your studies and passing the exams, you will receive an 2- Year Online ITSP Program Certificate with an academic transcript. These documents are valuable and acknowledged in the IT industry.


You will receive an electronic version of these documents, and you can also apply for a hard copy for extra Diploma Fee (PHP 2,000).


Getting an 2-Year Online ITSP Program may become a great milestone in your career path as a professional Cybersecurity practitioner. Whether you wish to be acknowledged in the IT industry, put up your own consultancy firm, launch yourself as a Professional Speaker in Cybersecurity, the knowledge you receive in GK can help accomplish whichever goal you have.


Ready to boost your career options, expand your professional experience and receive a valuable 2-Year ITSP Certificate to achieve your dreams?


Become our student. Start your education at GK today!

  1. Text ITSPFAST, NAME, EMAIL, MOBILE, and send to 0916-2921470

  2. Pay down payment via GCASH 0916-2921470 Roselle R. and send proof of payment to noel@gkphilippines.com

  3. Noel will reply via email giving you instructions on the membership.

  4. Bank transfer and other modes of payment available upon request.