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The Fine Artist (Aladin Antiqueño Story) is a biopic film that dramatizes the life of a multi-awarded Filipino Fine Artist – Aladin Antiqueño.


This film depicts the life of a photorealist painter who struggled in building his career as a young man and eventually succeeded and became one of the highly-respected visual artist in his generation. This movie highlights the most historically important years of Aladin’s life as an artist.

The movie centers on the life of an extremely introvert and shy man who grew up not wanting anything but becoming an artist. The path to success was never easy. This film shows the struggles, challenges, fears, loneliness as well as the victories and successes experienced by artists of all ages.

It magnifies not just the lessons in life but also the lessons in arts – specifically in filed of fine arts. It is both entertaining and educational and may be enjoyed by all members of the family.

This movie will bring us to Aladin’s artistic world – a world that is pure, innocent, happy. A world surrounded with greens and sunlight and children. A world where there is serenity and love.


The character-driven story focuses on the poignant weaknesses and inferiorities of a painter whose very competitive nature brought him awards and recognition yet later on realized the sadness of being alone. Living in solitude for most of his life, he finally found someone who he would share his life with forever.


Admiring the colorful world of visual artist Painter Aladin Antiqueño, who is a also a Fine Arts Dean at GK College in Mandaluyong City depicts the entire plot of this film.


The creative and colorful biopic of Aladin evolves in a journey of the three sisters as they do the quest of finding the artist behind the portrait of their erstwhile mother. Every detail of Aladin’s life unfolds as the three ladies come into contact with the former’s acquaintances. Target Date of Implementation

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