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Refund/Withdrawal Policies


2-Year Courses / Digital and Self-Paced Online Programs


Refund Policy

  1. The Program fee covers services only until the Trimester from the date of Payment. 

  2. No Refund is applicable for Digital Products and those with Video recorded access links.

  3. Unused training (unaccessed recorded links) may only be refunded with the following refund policies:


Refund Period:                                                     Percentage Refund

Within first week after payment                       80% Refund (of the Full Trimestral Fee)

Within two weeks after payment                      50% Refund (of the Full Trimestral Fee)

Three weeks and beyond                                     0% Refund (of the Full Trimestral Fee)

The student may be charged all the school fees in full if he withdraws any time after the second week. However, if the transfer or withdrawal is due to a justifiable reason, the student shall be charged the pertinent fees only up to and including the month of attendance. This request should be done in writing.

4.  For details and items not covered here, GlobalKnowledge PH Inc. company policies on refunds apply.  


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