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Graduating Students

Refund/Withdrawal Policies



Refund Policy

1.     The Program fee covers services only until the Trimester from the date of Payment. An extension fee of one (1) months’ worth of Program Fee will be charged for every month, or fraction of a month, of extended stay in the program (only up to 1 month allowable extension). Beyond the 1-month period, the student/s will be automatically dropped from the program.


2.     A student who transfers or otherwise withdraws, in writing, the following refund policy will be applicable:


Refund Period:                                     Percentage Refund

Within first week after payment                       80% Refund (of the Full Assessment Fee)

Within two weeks after payment                      50% Refund (of the Full Assessment Fee)

Three weeks and beyond                                  0% Refund (of the Full Assessment Fee)

The student may be charged all the school fees in full if he withdraws any time after the second week. However, if the transfer or withdrawal is due to a justifiable reason, the student shall be charged the pertinent fees only up to and including the month of attendance. This request should be done in writing.

No Refund will be given if dropping/withdrawal is processed after the third week of initial payment.  


Refund is based on the Full Assessment Fee for the given trimester.  If student paid for the partial down payment only, the school will compute the corresponding percentage charge and refund (if any) from the assessment fee and not from the initial down payment.


To compute:  If the full assessment fee for the trimester is P25,000.  


Scenario 1:  Student Pays 100% of Tuition.  Refund within 1st week.

P25,000 less 20% School Charge (within the first week withdrawal) = Refund is at P20,000 and school retains the P5,000.  


Scenario 2:  Student Pays the DP of P5,000.  Refund within 1st week.

P25,000 less 20% School Charge (within the first week withdrawal) = Refund is at P20,000 and school retains the P5,000.  The student will no longer be entitled for refund.


Scenario 3: Student Pays P3,000 DP.  Refund within 1st week.

P25,000 less 20% School Charge (within the first week withdrawal) = Refund is at P20,000 and school retains the P5,000.  The student still owes the school P2,000 in satisfaction of the minimum P5,000 or 20% school charge.


3.     Our return policy for printed materials is within seven (7) days upon receipt of the product. Books that have been used cannot be returned or exchanged and will be considered sold. Digital Reading Materials or any Digital Materials / Apps / Software / Learning Videos received and accessed are NOT subject to refund.




4.     For installment: Initial payment is required plus Post-Dated Check (PDC) for succeeding payment balance/s (dates and amounts on the payment link). At the back of each check, the following information must be indicated: NAME OF STUDENT/S AND PARENT'S CONTACT NUMBER.


5.     For INSTALLLMENT payment schemes, the next payment shall be every Midterm, Prelims, Finals of enrolled Trimester the following month from the initial payment.

Returned checks should be settled immediately and will incur a penalty charge of PHP1,000.00. For every week or a fraction thereof of non-payment, a two percent (2%) surcharge will be added to the amount indicated in returned or held check/s. Please take note of the provisions and penalties stated in Batas Pambansa Blg. 22 regarding the making or drawing and issuance of a check without sufficient funds or credit and for other purposes.


II. Data Privacy

The protection of your personal and sensitive information is essential to us.  GK College, as a higher education service provider, we comply with all applicable data protection, DATA PRIVACY ACT OF 2012. As part of being with GK Family, who provide personal and sensitive information to GK College, you authorize and consent to the use and transfer of said information to valid and legit purposes.

GK College also commits to maintaining the integrity and confidentiality of personal data against any incidents or breaches while ensuring the protection of the fundamental rights of privacy. GK College employees are obliged to treat all information confidentially.

III. Academic Matters

1.     I commit to read and understand the GK Student Handbook and Student Code of Conduct.

2.     I will be actively take part in all classes enrolled – physical or hybrid.

3.     I will commit to study the required subjects and submit all the necessary assignments, plates, projects within the given time duration.

4.     I will observe honesty and courtesy at all times.

5.     I will observe kindness, respect, and helpfulness towards my classmates and the school.

6.     I will adhere to the policies of the school regarding Anti-Bullying.

7.     GK welcomes and serves college students regardless of faith or religious background.


IV. Submission of Requirements


1.     I will submit all assignments, plates, projects, before deadline. In the event that I am unable to submit on time, I should update my professor ahead of time.

2.     I will ensure that all my transfer credentials are submitted before enrollment or until the trimester ends.  It is my understanding that I am on a Temporary Enrollment Status until these required Transfer Credentials are not yet fully satisfied or submitted to the school.  

3.     I understand that the K12 Diploma or Transcript of Records (if transferee), Original Birth Certificate, Good Moral Character (from previous school) will be required to be submitted before graduation.  That non-submission of these documents would also prevent me from getting TOR and Good Moral Character if I wish to transfer to other schools. Similarly, without submission of the said documents, the student is considered to be on a Temporary Enrollment / Not Officially enrolled at the college until full satisfaction of the required documents.  Thus, not eligible for issuance of any Transfer Credentials like TOR and Good Moral Character.

4.     Copy of Grades may be requested only upon the completion of all the requirements and at the official end of the trimester. 

5.     Furthermore, the official Transcript of Records will be released in 10-15 working days upon request.  Applicable fees apply.


V. Dropping from the Course

I understand that I am allowed to drop a course not later than 1month after the official start of class.  No official dropping of the subject would require full tuition fee payment for the said course.

Refund policy applies.

VI. Communication

  1. I understand that failure to communicate with my Professor for 3 consecutive meetings means that I can be dropped from the program.

  2. I understand that I should proactively inform my Professor of my schooling status, and of any changes such as contact numbers, address, marital status, etc.

  3. I am giving consent to receive official emails and sms campaigns related to GK College’s products and services.

VII. School Calendar

I understand that below is GK College’s School Year Calendar:

(see attached Calendar)


VIII. Accident Disclaimer (for parents)

In agreement that GK is our partner in nurturing and protecting our children, I hereby recognize the possibility of accidents that could happen inside and outside the GK College vicinity and areas of control, such as outside the office, on the street, event venues, and the like.

I understand that in the event of such accidents, GK will not be held liable, but is allowed to take necessary measures for our child’s treatment and medication, in case the venue of accident is within the premises of GK. In circumstances when I may not be reached or may not respond immediately upon notification about the incident, I allow the staff to transport our child to a medical facility for immediate treatment and prevention of grave outcomes.

IX. Shared GK Resources

All access is given by virtue of utmost trust.

I understand that all GK shared passwords and access to resources, links, files and other resources, both paid and unpaid, will be for me only and will not be shared with others.


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